Right of withdrawal


As a consumer, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal when you shop with us.

The cancellation period expires 14 days after the day you received your item. If you have ordered several different items in one order, but they are delivered individually, the deadline runs from the day you receive the last item.

The deadline means that you have 14 days from receipt of the item to notify us that you want to cancel your purchase.

You must send us an e-mail to info@ermidio.dk and use the document Standard cancellation form , which was sent to you with the package. A link to Ermidio's online Return Portal will be sent to you by e-mail, which you must fill in to go through the process.

You cannot cancel the purchase by refusing to receive the item without notifying us at the same time.


If you have purchased several items from us, you have the option of returning one or more items, even if they were purchased in one order.


Please note that you will not get the shipping costs back if you regret part of your purchase.


When you have notified us that you want to cancel your purchase, you have 14 days to send the item back to us and we will pay the return shipping if you have used our Return Portal and only if you have purchased items for over DKK 459 (This only applies in Denmark).

If you do not use our return portal , you are responsible for the return shipping yourself.

But in all cases, you are responsible for the goods if damage occurs during transport.

Certain items cannot be returned by normal post. This applies to: jewellery.

The costs for returning these goods are expected to cost a maximum of: DKK 85 in Denmark.


If the item has lost value and this is because you have used it in a way other than what was necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and way of functioning of the item, you can only get a part of the purchase amount back. The amount you can get back depends on the commercial value of the item, and in some cases it may mean you can only get back the shipping costs.

We recommend that you send the item back in the original packaging.

If the original packaging is missing, this may lead to a decrease in the value of the item.


If you regret your purchase, you will get your money back. If the item is impaired, we deduct the amount you are liable for.

We will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (however, this does not apply to extra delivery costs in cases where you have chosen a different form of delivery than the cheapest form of standard delivery that we offer), no later than 14 days from the day on which we has received your message that you want to cancel the agreement.

We return the money with the same means of payment that you used for the purchase, unless we have agreed otherwise.

We can withhold payment until we have received the item, unless you send us documentation that you have returned it.

The item is sent to :

Reberbanen 4A, 1. th.

8800 Viborg


We only receive packages that are sent directly to the address.


When you shop with us as a consumer, the rules of the Purchase Act apply to the purchase of goods. When you shop at www.ermidio.com or www.ermidio.dk, you have 24 months right of complaint. This means that you can either get the item repaired, exchanged, the money back or the price reduced, depending on the specific situation.

We always check the goods before we send them to you.

It is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the deficiency or fault has not arisen as a result of incorrect use of the product or damage that you have caused yourself.

You must advertise within a "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect/error in the product. If you complain within two months of discovering the fault, the complaint will always be timely.

You must send us an e-mail to customer service: info@ermidio.dk .

If the complaint is justified, we will refund your (reasonable) shipping costs. The item must always be sent back in proper packaging. Also remember to get a receipt for shipping so we can reimburse you for shipping costs.

The item is sent to:

Reberbanen 4A, 1. th.

8800 Viborg


We only receive packages that are sent directly to the address.

When returning the item, please include a detailed description of the problem on our online Returns Portal.

Force Majeure

If an extraordinary situation arises which is beyond our control, or where the obligation is due to unforeseen or external events which must be regarded as force majeure, our obligations will be suspended. The time frame for the suspension will be as long as the emergency situation lasts. Examples that may be covered by force majeure are natural disasters, fire, war, currency restrictions, riots, pandemics.

Last updated on 04.01.2024